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A Contemporary Roman Spa

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The Four Seasons is known for it’s luxurious hotel line that has attracted the masses around the world, but its newest hotel is becoming known instead for its spa and history. The new Four Seasons at 10 Trinity Square is blowing guests away with their newly opened spa. The spa is inspired by the materials and architecture of Ancient Rome, and is covered in shimmering minerals and sleek marble. Despite the hotel making its debut in January of this year, the spa only opened six months later this June.

The spa was built in the Four Seasons basement space and stretches over a massive 18,083 square feet. The spa is complete with a 46-foot pool, a steam room, a sauna, a hammam, eight treatment rooms, and one couple’s suite. Facials, massages, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and more are also offered at the spa.

The Four Seasons at 10 Trinity Square in London is set in a prime location. Overlooking the River Thames, the hotel also faces the Tower Bridge and Tower of London. 10 Trinity Square was also the home to the headquarters for the Port of London Authority which opened in 1922. The building was damaged in The Blitz during World War II and its rotunda was destroyed. During the renovation for the building of the Four Seasons, historical artifacts were uncovered dating as far back as Ancient Rome’s occupation of London. This discovery was used as inspiration for the hotel’s spa.

From the tall columns outside to the three restaurants inside to the expected luxury of the Four Seasons hotels, this newest addition was one of London’s most anticipated openings of the year. Now that the spa has opened, 10 Trinity Square should be at the top of every traveler’s list and a must visit for tourists in London.

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