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Tech Report: CES Treasures

Every year, tech lovers anxiously await the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to witness the debut of savvy gadgets galore. Thousands congregated at this year’s Las Vegas-based convention to experience the latest and greatest hi-tech treasures firsthand. Running the gamut from robots and autonomous driving concepts to appliances that make everyday life easier, here are just a few of the innovations showcased at CES 2018.


Carrying luggage through an airport terminal is always a hassle. ForwardX aims to make your journey easier with the CX-1 suitcase, a futuristic innovation that promotes hands-free travel. Now you can navigate through terminals without lugging your suitcase along. The CX-1 trails your every move thanks to auto-follow technologies that work off of gesture control, a 170-degree exterior camera and real-time recognition and tracing algorithms that help the bag identify you as the owner. In case you stray too far away, you’ll be alerted through a wristband, ensuring luggage is never lost. The CX-1 is comprised of four-wheel drive, smart alarm protection, a mobile power bank, TSA-approved lock system, high-powered removable battery and a speed of about six miles per hour so you never have to slow down. Traveling has never been so easy. For more information, visit


What do you get when you mix showering with technology? The U by Moen Shower. This savvy invention allows you to start, stop and pause your shower without being inside it. Controlled through an app on your smartphone, via voice command through an Amazon Alexa or directly on an installed controller, users can warm the water to their preferred temperature so they’ll never have to step into a cold shower again. The U by Moen Shower not only sets an ideal temperature, but also controls duration to save water, notifies you when water has attained the set temperature and has save settings so you can enjoy your perfect shower everyday. Your morning routine just became a lot more effortless. Available at, prices vary.


Wasting wine is a thing of the past with Coravin’s latest innovation, the Model Eleven. The magic lay in its ability to pour a glass of wine without uncorking the bottle (yes, you read that correctly). Wine stays perfectly preserved so you can sip from the same bottle for weeks to a year if you so choose.

Simply place the fully automated device atop the bottle, press the button and watch in awe as a needle is lowered inside to extract the wine. Once the button lights up green, pour yourself a glass and enjoy. The Coravin Model Eleven replaces the removed beverage with argon (an “inert gas used in the wine making process”) to preserve the leftover wine. What’s really intriguing are the Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect to the device so you can monitor when it needs to be cleaned and check battery life and argon gas usage.

For still more efficiency, Apple iOS users can download the Coravin Moments app. This allows you to enjoy a variety of experiences such as discovering new wines, creating pairings and maintaining a “virtual cellar” where you can snap a photo of your preferred spirit and store it for a future get-together. The Coravin Model Eleven and app will be available this September., $995.95.


Everyone stores valuable items in their home such as passports, safety deposit box keys, family heirlooms and social security cards. With the iKeyp Bolt, you no longer have to wonder about the safest place to keep these items. Simply screw the iKeyp Bolt to a wall, create a key code, place your items inside and voila!, you have a high-security storage box inside your living space. For efficiency, sync your smartphone directly with the iKeyp Bolt to access remote unlock, reminders, notifications, updates and failed key alerts. Combine this capability with 24/7 security monitoring, backup key access and moisture control and you’ll never second-guess the safety of your valuables. Available at, $149.

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