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Tour Japan on the Extravagant Twilight Express Mizukaze

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Luxury sleeper train Mizukaze from West Japan Railway Co. offers travelers the opportunity to journey from Kyoto and Osaka to Shimonoseki in comfort and style. The long-anticipated first run, with an extensive waitlist, from Osaka was on June 17, and guests can take trips to popular tourist attractions and exclusive viewing of special exhibits around Sanyo and Sanin.

There is one sightseeing stop per day and guests can visit the idyllic Korakuen garden from the Enyotei villa, which is not usually open to the public. The Ohara Museum of Art offers a tour of Yurinso with commentary by the curator.

In Sanin, guests can stroll through the historic streets of Kinosakionsen as the distinguished guests of Eitikei once did. Travelers can also take the opportunity to trek through the Tottori Sand Dunes or tour a historical ironmaking factory.

The train is furnished with Art Deco-style interiors and accommodates 34 passengers in single, twin, and suite rooms inspired by a “nostalgic modern” design. Suite residents have an entire rail car to themselves comprised of a private balcony, a living/dining room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Guests can travel in peace and take in the beautiful views of the surrounding landscape from their bedrooms or the observation room. The changing scenery and open kitchen in the dining car adds an extra flavor to the cuisine prepared by gourmet chefs.

Tickets are available to purchase only in Japan. Prices range from ¥250,000 to ¥1.25 million.

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