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Benzel-Busch is renowned for unmatched customer service. With its latest program launch, the dealership sets the bar even higher. Its new luxury subscription service, FlipAuto, transforms car leasing into something altogether new. This program is the future, and Benzel-Busch has helped pave the way for it.

FlipAuto, the white-glove concierge automobile service, allows members to lease a car without being locked into a long-term contract. Not only are customers able to select a Benzel-Busch vehicle to drive on a monthly basis, but FlipAuto also grants them the opportunity to “flip” to another vehicle in the fleet. If you want to drive a convertible to the beach or a larger vehicle to go skiing in the mountains with friends, you can do so without any additional costs.

“If you lease a car, you’re stuck in the lease for 36 months or whatever the terms of the lease are,” says Benzel-Busch President J. Agresta. “There’s really not much you can do about it if you want to try to get out early. You’d have to pay your way out and that could be expensive. With this subscription, you’re just paying for 30 days at a time. There’s no further commitment, and there’s no penalty for dropping out.”

Members will have access to the entire fleet of Benzel- Busch luxury autos, everything from SUV’s and sedans to convertibles and mini-vans within each selected tier.

The service’s flat rate not only includes access to the fleet, but also covers mileage, maintenance and insurance. Best of all is the program’s high-class service. When you flip your car, instead of having to go to the dealership, the new vehicle will be delivered directly to your home — clean, fueled and ready to go, all through your phone.

“We’re bringing everything over to you whether you’re at home, at the office or wherever else you may be, and switching everything over for you from one car to the other,” says Agresta. “We’re trying to provide concierge-type service with this subscription program.”

FlipAuto is operated by a tech-savvy app that allows clients to delegate vehicle preferences, view the fleet inventory, select vehicles to flip to, and schedule pickup or deliveries.

Currently, only a handful of dealerships are offering this service, but Agresta enthuses it will likely expand beyond the metropolitan area. In the future, he hopes to partner with other dealerships nationwide offering FlipAuto so clientele can always be connected to Benzel-Busch’s high-quality service anywhere in the U.S.

“In essence, anytime you go on vacation — like if you fly to Los Angeles for the week — you wouldn’t have to suspend your subscription program here in New York,” says Agresta. “The dealer that’s responsible for the fleet in California would just bring you a car out there. Instead of having to rent a car, you’d have access to a car anytime you need it, and that would be built into the all-in price.”

FlipAuto will launch at Benzel-Busch this April. Customers interested in signing up can contact the dealership directly at (201) 720-6411 or visit 28 Grand Avenue, Englewood, NJ.

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