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In the Circle: Client Testimonials

Tell us about your favorite roadtrip taken in a Benzel-Busch automobile.

Gio Savinovich

It was a warm and dry August day with a high of 80 degrees. She was upset with me and roared when I said hello. I had been occupied with other things this summer. Her eyes lit up when I took her to get ready for our rendezvous. We cruised Route 9W in New Jersey together and admired the full green foliage, listened to our favorite '70s group Hall and Oates and enjoyed the smooth journey. We arrived at one of our favorite restaurants Confetti, which is nestled in the quaint town of Piermont, New York. The Hudson was calm that day and the town was picturesque. We savored the ambiance, our Aperol spritz and every bite of the delicious spaghetti allá bottagra. After lunch we walked around and returned to her, my beautiful Suzaka Gray 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus purchased at Benzel-Busch Audi Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey. She made my entire experience that day and makes every day I take her out exhilarating and spontaneous. She’s luxurious, comfortable and has an amazing handle on the road. Every successful businessman should own one.

Eugene Morimoto Tsai

I don’t do many long-distance drives, but my daily

drives are that much better. Rain, shine, traffic,

roadblock, doesn’t matter.

Paul Danforth

My favorite road trip this summer was driving my Audi A8 L up the New York State Thruway to Montreal for the Formula 1 race. Once we were north of Albany, we were able to enjoy the great scenery while enjoying the powerful smooth ride.


What stood out most in your experience of purchasing a car at Benzel-Busch?

Michael Schwartz

For me it is not about a single experience. It’s about the continued experience. What stands out the most is the family culture at Benzel-Busch. It doesn’t matter who your sales rep is, what car you’ve bought or what car you’re buying, everyone is always willing to help. Nobody ever says “I don’t know” or “I can’t help you” and walks away. They’ll help you find your sales rep, help you with something if your rep is not around, take you on a test drive if your rep is busy, etc. They are also very respectful and courteous. They greet you with Mr./Mrs. I’ve been buying cars from them since I was 28, and even as a 28 year old, they greeted me as Mr. Schwartz in sales and service. Not because they were being formal, but out of respect for me as a customer. A Mercedes is a Mercedes. An E-class is an E-class. The car doesn’t change because of where I buy it. I go back to Benzel because of the people and culture at the dealership.

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