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Sail the Skies in Luxury

Does anyone prefer not to travel in luxury? With these chartering services, your East Coast journey, international vacation or business trip is guaranteed to be luxurious from start to finish. Blade, Wheels Up, Magellan and VistaJet provide helicopter and jet charters to take you to the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Newport and beyond, each with a curated list of experiences, amenities and above-and-beyond service. Skip the heavy traffic in favor of arriving on these safe, sky-high flights — stress-free and in half the time.


All it takes is a few swipes on your smartphone and you’re all set for your East Coast jaunt. Blade, a premier aviation charter service, transports travelers to East Coast hotspots such as the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Fire Island and Newport, among others. Download the mobile app (available with Apple or Google Play) to book a private flight, or crowdsource a seat before waiting to board your flight (with champagne in hand) in one of three Blade Lounges in Manhattan. The company offers Blade Bounce, airborne airport transfers to JFK and Newark that pick you up within 20 minutes of booking your ride and can be as short as five minutes. Customized experiences, with event-specific transportation to popular events such as the Harriman Cup, Jones Beach Concert Experience, Burning Man and Gurney’s Newport, can also be arranged. A limited number of Blade Passports are available during the summer season, allowing clients unique offerings, perks and savings for all their vacation or airport-transfer needs with any of the fleet offered through Blade.


Just when you thought flying private with your family or clients couldn’t get any easier, Wheels Up changed the game. The membership-based private aviation company has a pretty impressive history, starting with founder Kenny Dichter, whose first billion-dollar aviation enterprise Marquis Jet was sold to Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets in 2010. Wheels Up differentiates itself with a modest initiation fee, low annual dues and access to private flights as needed, making this operation one of the most readily accessible of all private travel modes. Members can resource the company’s luxury fleet of 75 aircraft with as little as 24 hours’ notice. With some of the highest safety ratings on the market, innovative technology equipped in each aircraft and two captain-rated Gama Aviation pilots on every flight, travel is a breeze. Internationally capable planes are available, and members can choose between a prepaid program or pay-as-you-go hours in the air. Wheels Down, a unique events and concierge service, keeps members up to date when they’re on the ground on all the latest happenings around the globe.


With almost a decade of private aviation success under its belt, Magellan Jets focuses on an innovative model that offers jet-specific memberships and on-demand charter services with a vast range of luxury fleet craft. Magellan’s Experience Team is on call 24/7, handling on-demand flights, in-flight catering and ground transportation so clients are taken care of to and from each destination. Magellan Jets recently rolled out their Bespoke Private Jet Membership, a highly tailored approach to private aviation custom-fit to each member’s needs. Memberships include worldwide access to the Magellan Jets Preferred Network, 24-hour expert service, guaranteed charter availability and rate within eight hours notice, and complimentary chauffeured ground transfers. The company focuses on safety first with a FAA-licensed flight support team.


Unlike many chartering services that fly only to certain locations, VistaJet offers global aircraft service to some of the hardest-to-reach destinations, including 187 countries. Some 70 business jets are available, and VistaJet’s unique product offering allows global access on Challenger and Global jets with on-demand, direct or programmed offerings. In addition, customers have priority access to one-way and empty-leg flights to popular places such as London or New York. Whether you’re traveling with your family or fellow business executives, the three-cabin options are ideal for seclusion and privacy. The cabin hostess present on every flight has completed a unique training course at the British Butler Institute. Bespoke catering is available from premier restaurants all over the world and serves only the finest cuisine to VistaJet members.

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