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The Private Collection by Clive Christian

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Clive Christian, one of the world’s most premier brands, has launched an all new perfume collection, the Private Collection. Featuring 10 all-new fragrances, the Private Collection are inspired by various moments experienced throughout life.

The scents’ muses include Clive Christian’s place of birth, where the North Sea meets the Atlantic, Clive Christian’s daughter Victoria and the Fleur-de-lis, just to name a few. In typical Clive Christian fashion, each bottle is elaborately decorated to the nines. The fragrance rests in a deep brown-colored bottle, topped with a gold crown cap—the brand’s signature style. Each bottle is stamped with an ornate lettering of C, L, I, V, or E to differentiate the various scents from one another.

The fragrances from the collection include: Green Floral (C), Woody Leather (C), Floral Chypre (L), Woody Oriental (L), Woody Floral (I), Amber Oriental (I), Fruity Floral (V), Amber Fougere (V), Green Fougere (E) and Gourmande Oriental (E). Each scent offers its own unique fragrance, which will lends itself in helping create memorable moments in life.

Each fragrance in the Private Collection is sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, and retail for $395. For more information about this Clive Christian collection, visit

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