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Makeup Trends: Artis Brushes

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The Artis brushes have really revolutionized a new direction in makeup brushes for the luxury world. Names like Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury and MAC, which have been running the makeup game for a long time, will need to find some new inspiration to compete with these new brush sets. The game changing factor with the Artis brushes is their density. The densely packed bristles make blending a matter of moments.

Artis was born upon the recognition that makeup brushes have not changed or evolved from the copycat paint brushes that they originated as. These brushes resemble, if anything, hair brushes, rather than paint brushes.

From tiny brushes able to do precise concealer work and apply eyeshadow to larger face brushes that can apply setting powder and foundation, the Artis brushes can do it all. Their website features videos showing the performance of each brush and how they can be used. The collection in its entirety is able to apply a full face of makeup from moisturizer to lipstick to eyeliner and everything between.

The brushes have already made a name for themselves by being tested and then raved about by influential beauty bloggers such as Tati Westbrook, Chloe Morello, Laura Lee, Lily Pebbles and more. The brushes are all generally made the same way, but their packaging comes in many variations. There are the gorgeous mirrored sets in different finishes, palm brushes in different finishes, and geometric and modern “digit” brushes.

These Artis brushes are unconventional as they don’t use animal hair, they also have 3-10 times more fibers than a typical makeup brush. Due to the number of individual fibers in the Artis brushes, the brush doesn’t grab onto product which leads to less waste and more use out of foundations or concealers.

The brushes do come with a hefty price tag, the smaller brushes for liner, eyeshadow, or lipstick are less expensive whereas larger face brushes come at a higher cost. The whole collection retails for is $450.

You can purchase the Artis collection at the NYC Fifth Avenue Bergdorf Goodman or online at

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