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The First European Nobu Hotel

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The Nobu Hotel chain first appeared in 2013 within Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino and the chain has only grown from there. With locations in Ibiza, Malibu, Miami, Manila, Chicago, Los Cabos, and more, it was time for the chain to expand into Europe. Shoreditch, a district of London, is to be the home for the newest Nobu Hotel, and third Nobu restaurant in London.

Shoreditch has a reputation for its trendy and hipster atmosphere; its already home to several boutique hotels such as the Ace Hotel and M by Montcalm. Nobu Hotel will stand out in Shoreditch, its modern exterior is a spectacle in and of itself and piques one’s curiosity from just one glance.

The head of the Nobu restaurant chain as well as Matsuhisa restaurant chain, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, has a created a signature style of cuisine that blends Japanese and Peruvian ingredients named “Nobu” after himself. While the Matsuhisa chain is privately owned, several celebrities have their hands in the Nobu hospitality, such as actor Robert De Niro.

Though the Shoreditch hotel will include many Nobu classics such as Miso Black Cod, it will also boast some exclusive dishes such as Sea Bass with Yuzu Kosho, tomato and cucumber salsa, honey truffle and black truffle shavings. This is also the first Nobu restaurant in London to offer a breakfast menu, setting Shoreditch apart from the other London sites.

The hotel matches its surroundings, contemporary and on trend without being too pretentious. Much like the Ace Hotel, Nobu’s atmosphere is comfortable but impressive, and could become a favorite stay for all.

Despite being outside the heart of London, Shoreditch’s community will surely embrace this new hotel and much of the foodie community will be excited to hear of its newest menu.

To plan your stay at the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch visit:

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