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The EscarGlow Facial Treatment

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Among the constant whirlwind of fashion, beauty, and skincare trends, the snail facial stands out for its shock factor, but is there more to the slime than it seems? Snail secretion is said to contain many elements that are beneficial for skin’s texture and also anti-aging properties such as glycolic acid, carotenoids, collagen, and copper peptides. This does not mean, however, that by applying several live snails to one’s face, that these beneficial properties will immediately sink into the skin. This is why Dr. Matthew Schulman created the EscarGlow facial treatment.

Microneedling is a well known practice in the skincare world, it gained fame when Kim Kardashian showed off her Vampire facial. Microneedling is a practice whereby very small needles are quickly circulated around the face, when the needles penetrate the skin, collagen is created in the skin to repair it. This boost of collagen helps to give elasticity to the face and can improve texture as well. Immediately after the microneedling, a very concentrated snail serum is applied to the skin, and due to the abrasion of the skin before, the serum will sink deeper into the skin.

This new technique can be uncomfortable, and a topical numbing agent can be applied beforehand to minimize pain, but receivers of the treatment have spoken of its success.

For many, this is may not be a necessary indulgence, but for those obsessed with the world of skincare it is a must. Not only does this treatment repair skin’s texture and elasticity, it also may fade acne scars and brighten the skin as well.

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