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Benzel-Busch Connects Passengers to New Tech-Savvy App

Benzel-Busch continues to stand at the forefront of the auto industry with the recent launch of its Parametric Messenger Badge. Developed in conjunction with Single Throw Marketing, a digital agency in Wall Township, NJ, this savvy technology connects drivers to the dealership using the Facebook messenger app and the all-new Parametric Messenger Badge affixed to the back of any Benzel-Busch vehicle.

Once in the Facebook messenger app, all customers have to do is hover their smartphones over the badge and they will be instantly connected to the service team, where they can chat, text or leave a message.

“The new Parametric Messenger Badge greatly benefits current and next-generation motorists by providing unequaled convenience of direct communication and furthers our mission to provide the absolute best customer service possible,” says Benzel-Busch President J. Agresta. “If there is a way we can stay better connected and provide better service to today’s and tomorrow’s customers, we’re going to do it.”

This revolutionary application is one-of-a-kind and will help streamline the process of connecting customers to the service department as needed. The new badge, which Benzel-Busch will be switching out for customers, has the same circular design as the original badge’s.

“We invite everyone, whether you are an existing or future customer, to engage with us using this exciting new technology provided by Single Throw Marketing,” says Agresta. “We look forward to this being one of the many innovations Benzel-Busch brings to the market with Single Throw Marketing in our continuing efforts to elevate the expectations of our customers and the car-buying public.”

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