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Drivers, get ready to gear up and start your engines! Thanks to the latest app, RACE Scout, finding an open spot on a racing team will soon become easier than going from 0 to 60. Developed by Mercedes-AMG in collaboration with innovators at Daimler’s Lab 1886, RACE Scout unofficially launched at this year’s Dubai 24-hour race.

How does it work? Drivers sign up to create a profile through the app. Once a profile is registered, users can search various race events, tracks and cars from GT3 and GT4 races to see if there is an open spot (racing teams will also have the capability to view drivers’ profiles). RACE Scout has an in-app messaging system that connects users instantly.

“In the process, bringing teams and race drivers together is only the first step,” explains Tobias Moers, chairman of the board of management of Mercedes- AMG GmbH. “At the next levels, the range of functions is to grow continuously. We want to address further target groups such as engineers, mechanics, instructors or sponsors and organizers.

Everywhere in international motorsport where the supply of know-how or services is required, RACE Scout is providing the new central platform.”

RACE Scout will officially launch this April and be available for free download on iOS-compatible platforms.

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