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'Ride & Seek' New Adventures

Have you ever dreamed of traversing the Alps, Pyrenees and Apennines? What if I told you that you could now experience the beauty of these mountain ranges by cycling through them? Thrill-seekers and cycling lovers, take your seats. You’re about to head on a trip of a lifetime.

The “Hannibal Expedition,” which takes travelers on a journey from Barcelona to Rome, was recently announced by Ride & Seek, the worldwide adventure cycling company. The 1,787-mile expedition takes riders on famed roads including those seen in the Tour de France, Vuelta a España and Giro d’Italia races.

Split into two stages, riders can opt to join in on one or both of the adventures. The first stage, which spans for 968 miles over the course of 16 days, takes bikers from Barcelona to Alba. The second stage takes you the rest of the way to Rome, covering 818 miles in 14 days.

While biking is the main escapade bikers will experience, it’s not all Ride & Seek has to offer. Besides challenging your body, guests who take in the beautiful scenery while indulging in top cuisine along the way.

“This tour offers total immersion into the landscape, history and culture as we ride an inspirational trail on the roads less traveled,” says Ride & Seek President Dylan Reynolds. “Our guests will indulge the culinary delights and fine wines of each region while embracing the abundant cultural and historical elements as we cycle our way across Europe.”

Some highlights of the “Hannibal Expedition” besides the three mountain ranges include Ceret, France (home of Picasso), Avignon (the Papal city), Colle Agnello, Pisa, Tuscany and, of course, Rome.

The “Hannibal Expedition” is scheduled to take place from September 2-30 with packages starting at $6,540. To learn more about Ride & Seek’s “Hannibal Expedition,” visit

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