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Orange County Here We Come

Benzel-Busch, the award -winning New Jersey dealer of Mercedes-Benz, Audi and smart, is venturing into the New York market. The brand-new dealership, located near the Woodbury Commons shopping center in Orange County, will open its doors in late November or early December.

Mercedes-Benz awarded Benzel-Busch an opportunity to present a business plan for the new location due to the company’s successful track record. The new location will mirror the same successful philosophy of the Englewood location. To get into this mindset in the dealership’s early stages, veteran Benzel-Busch employees will be training the new staff to instill the main principles into their daily routine.

The philosophy is not the only element that will be carried over to the new location. The new storefront will incorporate the same design elements as the Englewood location. Although Mercedes-Benz’s architecture and structure standards will be rigorously adhered to, Benzel-Busch also will include a lounge, cafe and boutique area.

Benzel-Busch mapped out the Orange County area because of its luxury clientele and remarkable retail presence. Woodbury Commons is home to many premier shops, including Allen Edmonds, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Furla, Loro Piana and Oscar de la Renta.

Orange County also borders several vineyards such as the Palaia Winery as well as the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

“There are some great partnering opportunities,” says J. Agresta, President of Benzel- Busch Motor Corp.

Mercedes-Benz corporate has already established a strong partnership with West Point, and Benzel-Busch will further that relationship as well as develop event partnerships with local vineyards, agricultural farms and various charities located in the surrounding area.

“We don’t just want to moveup there to sell cars,” says Agresta. “We want to be part of the new community.”

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