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The smart vision EQ fortwo

Anticipation for this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs from September 14-24, has been building over the past couple of months, and it seems like global automaker Mercedes-Benz couldn’t wait until then to unveil one of its most promised innovations: the smart vision EQ fortwo.

While the vehicle is only in its concept stage at this point, smart is expecting to launch the vision EQ fortwo by 2022. In the meantime, this concept car helps demonstrate the innovative path Mercedes-Benz is paving such as entering into the car sharing space; the smart vision EQ fortwo will most likely break them into that market.

“With the smart vision EQ fortwo, we are giving a face to the themes with which Mercedes-Benz Cars describes the vision of future mobility within the CASE strategy,” says Annette Winkler, CEO of smart.

The smart vision EQ fortwo is unlike your average vehicle. It is completely autonomous, completely electric and boasts a design unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

“The smart vision EQ fortwo embodies the urban luxury of the future,” says Chief Design Officer for Daimler AG Gorden Wagener. “It is a radical approach with a cool and minimalist design. The show car has the hallmark smart proportions with accentuated, pronounced wheel arches at the four corners with no overhang. A multiplicity of digital surfaces inside and outside allows the next level of communication between human and automobile.”

According to the company, the side windows of the smart vehicle are coated in a unique film-like substance, which not only gives the car a futuristic appearance, but also allows passengers riding inside to “project information” onto them. That’s not all, the grille of the car is also formulated with an LED screen, which notifies passerby with messages such as: “On my way,” “Hello,” “Goodbye” and the destination address. The doors, though, are the most intriguing aspect of the vehicle. Instead of opening outward like normal cars, the smart vision EQ fortwo “pivot up like wings” to allow easy entry into the vehicle for passengers.

The interior is just as high-tech as the exterior. It boasts rose gold accents throughout the inside, white surfaces, tinted glass and has graphic displays throughout that can change based on the passenger’s preference. Since the vehicle is completely autonomous, there is also no wheel on the dashboard. A unique identifier of the smart vision EQ fortwo.

Passengers who wish to be picked up by the fortwo can call the vehicle via an app on their phone, just as they would with Uber of Lyft. Once the vehicle drops them off at their desired location, the vehicle has no where to return to. It can stay where it is and wait until someone else calls to be picked up.

“The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision of future urban mobility,” says Annette Winkler. And so we shall see.

For more information about the smart vision EQ fortwo, visit their website here.

Photos via MBUSA

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