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The Hartman Livingstone 24 Yacht Mixes 1930s Classic Style With Modern Luxury

The Amsterdam Boat Show, which ended on Sept. 3, unveiled a multitude of new yachts. And we already have a new favorite: the Hartman Livingstone 24.

The new luxury yacht is the first from Dutch builder Hartman Yachts, and the 79-foot gorgeous Livingstone is sure to make waves in the yachting world. Designed by Niels van Oostenbrugge and Albert Abma of Sheerline, the 24 pays homage to David Livingstone, a 19th-century explorer who traveled to Africa on the first steel-hulled yacht. The Livingstone is designed to look and feel like a vintage ocean-liner, yet it’s packed with modern technology and the latest gear, such as communications and entertainment equipment.

The ultra-luxe yacht features a raised pilothouse, designed to provide stellar sea views, and includes a seating area for the ship’s owner and guests. Four staterooms can accommodate up to nine guests, and the master suite includes a king-size bed, en-suite bathroom and a large closet. Other high-end amenities include a dining table on the deck with a grill and bar, as well as a sundeck. The upper deck features an alfresco dining area, making for a relaxing and festive atmosphere all while having views of the water all around you.

Photos courtesy of Hartman Yachts.

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