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The Royal Ascot

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Over the weekend, the Royal Family along with many other prestigious members of society enjoyed champagne, fine dining, and some of the best horse racing in the world. Each day started with the Royal procession and only got better with the races of the day, afternoon tea and various fashion spectacles.

The Royal Ascot hosts nine of Britain’s 32 Grade 1 races, and even Queen Elizabeth II’s horse named Estimate raced in the event until he retired in 2014. On the first day, June 20th, the Queen Anne Stakes, King’s Stand Stakes, and the St. James Palace Stakes races took place, while the Prince of Wales’ Stakes race took place on the 21st. The famed Gold Cup race took place on the 22nd, and it is considered one of the most important races in the Royal Ascot. The Gold Cup was won in 2013 by the Queen’s horse Estimate. Another Group 1 race, the Coronation Stakes, was held on the 23rd. The last day, guests celebrated the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, a famed sprint race that was won in 2012 by the champion horse Black Caviar.

While horse races are not for everyone, the Royal Ascot is an event that is loved by all. The weekend-long event had multiple upgrades that guests could participate in to elevate their experience including the Furlong Club, an exclusive viewing and dining area situated in the Queen Anne Enclosure. The Furlong Club offers a private setting, cocktails, and food to supplement conversation and viewing of the event. Other upgrades included private gazebos, the Lawn Club and the Villiers Club.

For those who missed this weekend’s festivities, do not fret. The Ascot races will celebrate a summer event called the King George IV Weekend. This event will be take place July 28-29. For more information, visit

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