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London Fashion Week Men's Comes to a Close

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This year’s London Fashion Week Men’s celebrates it’s fifth anniversary this past week. The biggest brands in men’s fashion showed off their newest lines and looks throughout the three days of the event.

Shows by designers such as Edward Crutchley, Harry’s of London, Liam Hodges, Oliver Spencer, SONGZIO, E. Tautz, and many more filled up the schedules for the weekend. As usual, the shows were attended by celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, Niall Horan, Sam Smith, and even famous YouTubers such as Jim Chapman.

London Fashion Week Men’s is the number one place to celebrate men’s fashion in England, from streetwear to tailored suits. The brands highlight England’s trends and culture while also contrasting it with changing men’s fashion. Many designers chose more genderfluid themes, like Edward Crutchley’s line which featured a men’s romper and dress. Astrid Andersen’s collection also showcased plays on masculinity and blends of traditional men’s and women’s fashion. Other designers went for streetwear looks, like Liam Hodges’ collection that was inspired by elements of punk and hip-hop and is meant to reexamine masculinity in a modern world.

British fashion is set apart by its edge and fearlessness, and London Fashion Week Men’s fashion really illustrates this. From the culture of Savile Row and its sharp tailoring to contemporary street styles, the designers reinvented what British fashion is to them.

Though London’s Fashion Week Men’s is over, there are many more high fashion events to attend worldwide this year. Florence, Milan, and Paris’ Fashion Week Men’s are following suit in the coming weeks, and New York will host a show in July.

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