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THE WING: The New York Women’s Social and Professional Club

PR specialist and political consultant Audrey Gelman needed somewhere she could use as an in-between base during the hectic work days she’d spend using the locker room and shower at a gym she never worked out in, pretending to be a guest to use hotel wifi for emails, and changing clothes at a Starbucks bathroom. Co-working spaces in New York didn’t quite offer the flexible space or social atmosphere she wanted, as they were generally filled with men in finance or technology.

Finding an unfulfilled need that many professional women would use, Gelman and entrepreneur Lauren Kassan created The Wing, a members-only social and professional club for women. At The Wing, women can work or get blowouts, all in one thoughtfully-decorated penthouse on 20th Street replete with pink couches, a rainbow of books by women writers, and complimentary Glossier lip balm.

The Wing gives opportunities for professional development, networking, community service, and socializing with a diverse group of women including both up-and-coming and current power players from multiple industries. Membership includes designer Jenna Lyons, Andrew Cuomo’s chief of staff Melissa DeRosa, Birchbox cofounder Hayley Barna, and writer Sloane Crosley among scientists, teachers, and other accomplished women.

It’s not everywhere a woman can find both an angel investor and platonic soulmate at a jean-jacket-decorating event or a panel discussion for World Refugee Day. But at The Wing, which describes itself as a “coven, not a sorority,” is a breeding place for such experiences. It’s a multipurpose area not just dedicated to convenience, but also for community-building and connection. With a waiting list of more than two thousand, it may be difficult to join the girl gang just yet. But do not despair, as they are currently accepting applications for their Soho and Flatiron locations and currently expanding to Brooklyn and Washington D.C.

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