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Celebrate Summer at Halifax

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Halifax, one of Hoboken's newest eateries, will be one of the city's hottest summer spots to enjoy fine dining with stunning views overlooking the Hudson River. Located inside the highly esteemed W Hoboken Hotel, Halifax specializes in curating northeastern coastal cuisine, which is the perfect meal to enjoy on a summer day.

Halifax's menu was crafted by Chef Seadon Shouse, who used to be the executive chef at Millesime and at the Glenmere Mansion in New York. An original resident of Nova Scotia (hence the name of the restaurant - Halifax is the capitol), his menu is infused with flavors and dishes that are indigenous to his native cuisine.

Some fan favorites include: cured and smoked fish and meat platters, shrimp sliders, lobster rolls, fish & chips, wild king salmon and the iconic Halifax burger, which is topped with a bacon-onion marmalade and white cheddar cheese.

Halifax also offers cocktails and wines for guests to sip on while they are enjoying their meals. From a champagne float that includes cava and strawberry basil sorbet to Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, there is a special drink that can appeal to every guest.

If you're looking for a good meal that also offers stunning views, Halifax is a great option to try. Guests can reserve spots for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner online at

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