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A New Field of Dreams

Weather isn’t the only reason Atlanta is nicknamed Hotlanta. These days the city is a hotbed of new construction, and no structure is more eagerly anticipated than Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This entertainment and athletic facility is expected to be unveiled this summer and has fans of two local sports teams, the Falcons and United, thrilled by its debut as these franchises’ permanent home.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium also is scheduled to be the site of the 2019 College Football Playoff Championship game, the 2020 NCAA Men’s Four game and the 2019 Super Bowl. The facility’s first contest is an Atlanta United game on July 30. Next on the schedule are two preseason Atlanta Falcons games. The Atlanta United game will be the stadium’s official kickoff and will be followed by a grand opening ceremony in August.

Along with its impressive futuristic look, the stadium already has created quite a buzz over its high-grade entertainment systems and sustainable qualities.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be home to the biggest LED screen of any athletic venue. Developed by Daktronics, the LED screen will be a massive 360- degree halo that will stand 58 feet high and 1,075 feet in circumference. Additionally, it is the first sporting facility to achieve LEED Platinum status and meet all LEED water requirements. With its superior sustainability, the stadium will operate using nearly 29% less energy than most other stadiums use.

Guests will be able to buy food from some of Atlanta’s favorite eateries, including Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, the Varsity, Delia’s Chicken Sausage and Miss D’s Popcorn, to name a few.

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