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Long-lasting Shine with ABBA Volumizing Root Spray

Looking to give your hair an extra boost of volume and shine? Abba’s Volumizing Root Spray is the perfect solution. A few sprays of Abba’s Volumizing Root Spray and your hair will transform into thick luscious lengths with a beautiful, long-lasting shine.

Each bottle of Abba’s Volumizing Root Spray contains avocado, lemongrass and vitamin B. By targeting the roots, the spray is able to create fullness and body to compliment any hairstyle. For maximum volume, Abba experts advise you to spray throughout your lengths after you’ve focused on your roots.

Not only does Abba’s line of pure performance hair care products offers moisture and volume, but their products do the job with clean, pure formulas.

Also featured in spray is Abba’s ProQuinoa complex, which contains quinoa, barley and soy protein. Together, these proteins restore and strengthen hair strands from the inside out. Not only are hair fibers rescued, but this hydroxylation process also separates the proteins in an effort to create a gluten-free product.

Along with being free of gluten, Abba’s Volumnzing Root Spray is also 100 percent vegan, as well as free of parabens, sulfates, sodium chloride, DEA, phthalates, and synthetic color additives.

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