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Welcome to Highways of Benzel-Busch. We are thrilled to launch our own publication and share our world with you. The original concept behind Highways goes back to the early 1980s and a series of paintings commissioned by our father, Joseph “Skip” Agresta. The artwork depicted roads and highways around the country. The idea was that these vignettes represented moments in time captured by our customers driving their cars; they were views into their journey. The series was called Highways.

This publication is dedicated to that concept.

Highways will embark upon a modern and sophisticated journey that extends beyond the drive in pursuit of the finer things in life. With the discerning taste of our highly regarded Benzel-Busch clientele in mind, our lifestyle experts will provide a unique insider’s look into the artistry and technology behind some of the world’s most venerated automobile brands while exploring the best in world travel, luxury goods, epicurean retreats and local experiences.

Because our brand has always been about more than luxury, we also will show how we give back through our commitment to the many charitable partners we support.

Our family’s experiences in the transportation industry date back more than a century. Our great-grandfather hammered out a hard-earned living as a blacksmith, shoeing horses and building carts for local farmers and merchants. To him, every customer was an individual, every cart unique and every shoe custom forged and struck exclusively.

That business philosophy has always stayed with us. It defines who we are. We believe the reason we are one of the most successful automobile groups in the country is that we have never lost our focus on the individual. Each car we sell or service is never a number in a series or the next one in line. It’s special because of the many aspects that went into its crafting, the manufacturer’s long history, and the training and dedication invested by our team to make each purchase perfect. Every car is special because of what you’ve done to earn it. It’s special because it’s yours.

To talk about what we do is one thing; to be recognized for the way we do it is something else altogether. We continually receive recognition from our clients, manufacturers and even our own team for exceeding expectations. We’ve been awarded the Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service Customer Laureates Award, Audi Magna Society, DealerRater’s Dealer of the Year, DealerRater’s Customer Experience Award and Best Places to Work award. The list continues to grow, and we will never stop striving to raise the bar.

All of this and more are the foundation of this publication. We hope you enjoy your journey along our Highways!

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