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Caolion Hot And Cool Core Pack Duo

Caolion, a Korean Beauty Brand, has made its mark on the American cosmetic industry- with its recent launch in high end cosmetic stores around the nation. The company is founded on the philosophies of enhancing natural beauty, through safe, and natural ingredients, to ensure a safe and healthy skin care experience. Providing regimens for all skin concerns, the brand chooses to preserve the integrity of your skin, through highly regulated quality standards, while guaranteeing both safety and effectiveness. With a myriad of products recently launched, the Hot and Cool Pore Pack has proven to be a top contender in facial masks, to target and mitigate numerous skin concerns.

Congested pores, dull skin, or an uneven texture a skin care issue, you seem to face? The Hot and Cool Pore Pack, one of Caolion’s best selling items, is designed to help release the pores of excess sebum, congestion and exfoliates the skin to unveil the rejuvenated, soft, flawless skin, you were born to uncover. The heating mask will help to heal and exfoliate while the cooling provides soothing, sebum controlling, and firming properties, the combination will have your skin saying, “Thank you!” Utilizing safe and natural ingredients, such as charcoal and sparkling water, this pore perfecting kit will help to give that natural glow, and porcelain skin, you were born to show off! Created without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and fragrance, the product is safe for all skin types, ranging from those who wouldn’t react to those who struggle with hypersensitivity.

The detoxifying combination of products in this kit offer the optimal spa quality facial, in the comfort of your own home! Cleanse, detoxify, and exfoliate to expose the glowing, firm skin, and release your completely natural beauty!

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