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Tailor Made: Veronika Heilbrunner

Veronika Heilbrunner’s life revolves around fashion. Going from notable model to style editor at Harper’s Bazaar to stylist and fashion director of the online magazine hey woman!, the German fashionista is without a doubt an international style icon. Most recently, Heilbrunner’s love for style took a turn away from fashion and into the auto industry, where she collaborated with the international auto company smart to create an iconic tailor-made vehicle that was unveiled during this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The collaboration is a part of the auto company’s tailor made program, which allows customers to personalize vehicles to their liking. Heilbrunner chose to customize the smart fortwo BRABUS, and dubbed her fashion-forward auto’s motto as “Reveal the Iconic You!”

The final product of Heilbrunner’s and smart’s iconic collaboration resulted in a sleek, refined vehicle that showcased Heilbrunner’s overall personal style. She went with a dark, velvet blue exterior, which she personally created, that sparkles when the sun hits it. Rims in the shade “royal gold” perfectly compliment the exterior color, giving the vehicle a stand out look.

The inside of Heilbrunner’s customized car is fashioned with black leather and a gear knob that boasts a ruby red accent. To add an even more personalized touch, Heilbrunner embroidered her monogram onto the headrests. A fabulous touch to a fabulous car.

“It was an inspiring experience for me, designing a car rather than fashion. I wanted to experiment with colours and materials to create something very personal,” said Heilbrunner to smart. “As individual as I am, and as creative as fashion – the smart fortwo | BRABUS tailor made by Veronika Heilbrunner reflects my ideal of perfect individualisation.”

Heilbrunner unveiled her smart fortwo BRABUS at the MADE exhibition during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Her journey with the luxury auto brand was documented by renowned fashion photographer Sabrina Theissen. All photographs, videos and a film were also debuted at the German exhibition.

While the exact make of Heilbrunner’s smart fortwo BRABUS will not be for sale to the public, customers are able to design a vehicle that will almost replicate Heilbrunner’s version. For more information on smart’s tailor made program, please visit:

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