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An Inside Look: La Divine Comédie Resort

Deep in the heart of Avignon, France resides a luxurious property that boasts a historical past mixed with ultra-luxe interiors. Once a private home, the premier land at La Divine Comédie, has been transformed into one of the town’s newest luxury resorts, leaving residents and passerby vying to vacation there.

The property, which spans across a 2,600 m2 sized space, possesses unique, yet incredible amenities such as the garden, which is the biggest private garden in all of Avignon. Completely sheltering the estate, the garden houses more than 100 plant species that cater to the picturesque atmosphere the property exudes. The garden is the ultimate escape for guests, allowing them to take in the serenity of the property. They can enjoy a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, bask in the sunshine on the patio or even receive top-of-the-line spa services while you take in the relaxing environment.

The interior is even more extraordinary than the exterior. Completely imagined by designer Gilles Jauffret, La Divine Comédie has five spectacular suites. The ornate detailing makes each suite opulent in and of itself, only adding more life to the luxury property.

Suites include: the Anatole Suite is decorated beautifully with mirrors, paintings, a canopy over the bed and a portrait of Anatole; the Aphrodite features blue and gray hues, paintings, a second smaller room and a private balcony; the Consul incorporates Egyptian-style designs including lithographs and black and brown hues; the Naples suite showcases paintings of Mount Vesuvius, a canopy and lights from Morocco; and the Venice suite incorporates a 1920s Iris chandelier, 1970s shell chairs and Italian art.

Besides the opulent suites, the entire estate boasts air conditioning, WiFi and satellite TV with more than 1,000 channels.

While La Divine Comédie resort is luxurious itself, its surroundings are equally as beautiful. The estate is in close proximity to the Pope’s Palace, various shopping center and delectable restaurants.

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