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Bunnahabhain's 46-Year-Old Eich Bhana Lìr is a Must-Have For Whiskey Connoisseurs

Image via Loch Fyne Whiskies

Scotland-based Bunnahabhain distillery has released their exclusive, 46-year-old Islay whiskey. The Eich Bhana Lìr is named after Mannán mac Lìr, the Gaelic god of myth who ruled over the seas. It translates to the great waves of the God Lìr. According to myth, Mannán mac Lìr would use the great, sea-foam ridden waves to send his precious gifts ashore.

Just as precious, one bottle of Eich Bhana Lìr costs £5,000 (approx. $6,500). Bunnahabhain offers only 198 for sale, entreating whiskey connoisseurs to make the Eich Bhana Lìr a part of their collection as soon as possible.

Distilled in 1969, the Eich Bhana Lìr spent its entire life in Bunnahabhain’s warehouse no. 4, maturing in ex-oloroso Sherry butts. Its flavor encompasses the warmth of Manuka honey, roasted nuts, beeswax and candied orange. There’s also the sweet tartness of apples and cherries, accompanied by the minute traces of oak, a hint toward the whiskey’s age. Its cask strength is 41.8% abv.

Further embracing Scotland’s culture and history, Bunnahabhain took inspiration from their local scenery when designing Eich Bhana Lìr’s bottle. To reflect Eich Bhana Lìr’s origins, Italian metalworkers and glassblowers collaborated to form the unique design of waves from the Islay sea crashing into Bunnahabhain bay. The golden auburn of the whiskey melds beautifully with the bottle’s silver cap, lettering and wave indentation. A similar design is found on the whiskey's boxed case.

In a press release regarding Bunnahabhain’s newest creation, Derek Scott, Distell’s Brand Director for Malts, remarked: "The distillery’s northerly location on the island exposes the casks, in our shore side warehouses, to the sea and elements, making it an idyllic place for the whisky to mature. We are passionate about the uniqueness of Bunnahabhain’s special malts and the 46 Year Old Eich Bhana Lìr, features the full depth of flavors, aromas and character that makes Bunnahabhain a consistently award-winning single malt.”

Remain up-to-date with Bunnahabhain through their website. The company's expected to debut even more exclusive whiskey titles in the coming months.

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