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One Giant Step for Audi...

Roads? Where Audi is headed in 2017, they don’t need roads. The luxury auto company will try literally to defy gravity by winning Google’s Lunar XPrize, a private competition that will grant $30 million to the first team to land a rover onto the surface of the moon, remotely drive it 500 meters and send back HD images to earth.

In collaboration with a Berlin-based engineer group named the Part-Time Scientists, Audi entered the competition and has been developing the Audi Lunar Quattro to try to clinch the honor. To date, the Audi Lunar Quattro already has won two awards related to the competition.

Besides utilizing solar panels to generate power, the Lunar Quattro has four 360-degree wheels, off-roading capabilities, and three cameras, one of which will capture the images in HD. Will the Audi Lunar Rover solve Houston’s problem? We’ll know soon!

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